Time Prefect is a modern solution to traditional problem of attendance monitoring. Its an easy to use, quick to setup application which turns your smartphones and tablets to a sophisticated attendance system. Complete Employee Management Platform, simply start with the free plan and upgrade your package as you grow. No contracts to sign and free to cancel at any time.

Fully branded

Time Prefect cloud based model of operation ensures no expensive servers to maintain, zero downtime, no physical software to download & install and ensures you are up and running in no time.


Managers have access to multiple online reports to analyse employee attendance, filter and calculate pay. Reports can be exported to different formats allowing for easy integration with Payroll systems.

Easy Customisation

Easily customize the theme of the Time Prefect App to suit your company brand or office mood.


Time Prefect will calculate payable salaries of Employees whether its hourly rate based or fixed Monthly salary based on Employee Check In and Check Out times to ensure time based fraud are eliminated.

Time Prefect


Internet access is not always available, the reason Time Prefect can operate Off-Line too. When taken to a remote site for use to track time & attendance, your device will automatically synchronize all its data with timeptrefect.com when an Internet connection becomes available.


Manage employee work schedules using calendar-based shift classes, breaks and rounding rules.


In as little as 3 Minutes, you can easily signup, pick a package and print your employee cards. Setup process is as easy as ABC. Employees can Check In using their ID Card QR Code, PIN or either of both with our advanced Scan & Capture Technology to prevent Buddy Punching.


Locate the geographical location where employees clock in and out from to ensure they clock in and out where they are meant to.

Know Who's Available

Get instant email notification so you can see who has arrived, who just left or who is running late! It will no doubt change the way you manage your crew. Quick scan and capture technology available for image capture to prevent buddy punching.


Time Prefect uses data-protected and encrypted web infrastructure that ensures your data is protected and secured, end to end.

Terminal Message Alert

Time Prefect Terminals can be customized to send specific messages to employees during check ins and out or display message alert / reminders to your team at Clock In and out. Whatever mode you choose, set up and use is swift and easy.

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